Extra! Extra! … Daniel! puppet script

This script is for church puppet ministry. It could potentially be done with two puppeteers or with the help of three or four puppeteers and a simple stage. It requires four puppet characters: a girl puppet, two Bible character male puppets or male puppets who can be dressed in Bible costume and a lion puppet. Reporter Jessie interviews three of the main characters in the Daniel and the lions’ den Bible story, including Daniel, King Darius and the lion.

Scene 1

[ Jessie enters right, bottom level, and “walks” to center, rocking side to side. She holds a microphone.]

Jessie: Have you ever heard a lion talk? (pause) Well, I haven’t. But if lions could talk, I wonder what they’d say. Well, today I’m with the press, and there’s a very special lion I’d like to interview, one who was in the den with the prophet Daniel.

[The lion puppet also enters from the right and walks towards the left. He looks around and doesn’t seem to notice Jessie.]

Here he comes now. Uh, Mr. Lion! Excuse me, Mr. Lion. Do you have a few minutes?

[Mr. Lion jumps back a little.]

Mr. Lion: (with slow Southern drawl) Yes, I do.

Jessie: This is Jessie reporting for Puppet News. [Jessie puts the arm with the microphone toward the lion. She does this in all her interviews.] Mr. Lion, you were in the den with the prophet Daniel?

Mr. Lion: Yes, I was.

Jessie: Tell me, how did you feel when Daniel came into the den?

Mr. Lion: Well, I was just loungin’ there with my buddies, when in comes this juicy piece o’– [Jessie backs away from him.] oh sorry, forgive me — in comes this, well, yummy-lookin’ person.

Jessie: (gulp) Yummy-lookin’?

Mr. Lion: Yummy-lookin’.

Jessie: (a little weakly) Then, I suppose, you had him for dinner?

Mr. Lion: Why, no.

Jessie: Why, no?

Mr. Lion: Why, no.

Jessie: But he was so juicy.