Gospel of John Treasure Hunt Kit

This treasure hunt is designed to help mentally reinforce the seven “I Am” statements in the Gospel of John in a fun way. It is good for Sunday school or children’s ministry groups but may also work for Christian school or home school groups. The game is a combination of a treasure hunt and teacher/counselor hunt. Children follow clue cards to other clues and eventually to a treasure prize. At each new clue location, a teacher awaits to help lead them through a new related activity they must go through speedily to race to the end. Children eat crackers quickly before whistling “Jesus loves me,” use Scrabble tiles to spell the name of the Good Shepherd, spin like the rotating lights in lighthouses, put a Scripture verse in order by arranging words on footprint cut-outs among others. This kit includes game instructions, clue cards, Scripture verse cards to attach to prizes and a recipe for one possible and edible “treasure” prize.