Hearts of the Bible Puppet Script

Hearts of the Bible Puppet Script

This script is adaptable and can be used in different ways. It could be done ventriloquist style with one puppet. It could be done with two people, with one person talking to a half body puppet operated by a second puppeteer or even as a skit between two adults. I used this script with my Professor Votshisname puppet character, but really, if you take out the exaggerated German accent, you could adapt this script for any puppet character that you have.

Teacher: Professor, what do you have in your bag?

Professor: Ah, those are my Valentine hearts. They are special hearts. They all tell something about different kinds of hearts you can find in the Bible.

Teacher: Well, that’s curious. Let me see this one. (Show the Stone Heart visual.) A stone heart. That doesn’t sound good.

Professor: Not very good, no. In zie Old Testament, in Ezekiel 32:26, God told Israel zat He vould take their heart of stone and gif them a heart of flesh.

Teacher: That’s good. He said that in Old Testament times. Does God do the same thing with hearts today?

Professor: Absolutely. Ven ve gif our sinful hearts to God, He can gif us a new heart.

Teacher: I see. Like this heart. (Show the New Heart visual.)

Professor: Ja. Just like zat.

Teacher: Let me pull out another one. (Show the Deceitful Heart visual.) Uh oh. This one’s a deceitful heart.