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From “Action Men with Silly Putty” —

_So, between the two of us,with his ability for the abstract,and mine for the concrete, we make more of a complete man._-- Andy Westin

From Andy in AMWSP —

_I started to whistle'Lucy in the Sky withDiamonds.' It wasn't my favorite song in the world as I'm not too fond of getting looped up and seeing pink elephants or walruses with egg men o

for garnering 1st Honors in Academic Excellence for the school year 2016-2017. Presented on the 28th of September, year two thousand and seventeen.

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From Andy Westin in AMWSP —

_I'd grown accustomed to the fact that Jack knew obscure facts about '60s jazz and Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. It was surprising to learn he also knew something about Viking metal.

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