Susan’s Creative Friends

I am blessed to be friends with a number of other creative people who are visual artists, artisans, musicians or writers. Let me introduce you to them, and you can check out their artful creations, books and more.

Sally Lee Baker

Sally Lee Baker has a series of tongue-twisting alliterative stories for children, for letters A to S, thus far.


Miriam Jones Bradley

Miriam Jones Bradley is the daughter of my mother’s best friend from high school. She is also a writer and inspirational speaker, the author of the Double Cousins Mystery series for children and a couple of inspirational non-fiction titles.


Debra Sue Brice

Debra Sue Brice has several books in various genres. Her first book, Crossing Boarders, tells the story of an Olympic equestrian. She also has cozy mysteries, the Dani Girl Mysteries, and a romance novel, Icing.


Jeffrey M. Green

Jeffrey M. Green does beautiful expressive realistic artwork with colored pencil and oils. You can commission artwork from him, and you can also buy calendars and greeting cards featuring his art. He has an upcoming faith and art book.


Humble Luxury Brand

Humble Luxury Brand makes handcrafted leather purses and bags that are both stylish and durable.


Maria Lynn Hurty

Maria Lynn Hurty has a couple of children’s picture books inspired by her real life animals with life lesson applications.


Laurie Jeron

Laurie Jeron has an independent CD, “So Many Stars”, with a little jazz, pop, R&B, soul and gospel. She is also a motivational and inspirational speaker.


Kathryn Judson

Kathryn Judson has books in multiple genres for both children and adults. She is the author of Why We Raise Belgian Horses, the M15 1/2 Trilogy, Trouble Pug and others.


Christine Kerrick

Christine Kerrick  is an illustrator who does drawings, paintings and multi-media collage. You can purchase art pieces and post cards from her site. She also has a graphic novel, Diary of Hope, and a book on dating, How to Tell a Prince from a Frog. 


Jack McKenzie

Jack McKenzie is a painter who specializes in landscape art with some of his favorite subjects being lighthouses, covered bridges, barns, fishing villages and seascapes. He has canvas prints and framed prints for sale.


Lynn Murphy

Lynn Murphy is the author of books in several genres, including The Louvre Trilogy and The Time Travel Trilogy.



Lori Jean Smith

Lori Jean Smith is a violinist who draws from a variety of musical styles. She has several CDs as well as two books of poetry, Musings 1 and Musings 2.


Stanley Zimmerman

Stanley Zimmerman has realistic pencil art available as canvas prints, framed prints and more.