Action Men with Silly Putty

“Susan Joy Clark’s Action Men with Silly Putty features two comrades in the toy business on the adventure of a lifetime. Clark’s main characters are best friends who are attached at the hip and one another’s voice of reason. Jack Donegal and the book’s narrator, Andy Westin, set off on their journey to uncover the mystery of a mistaken identity and to find out what the heck is so important about the teddy bear from 1915 that Jack purchases at an estate sale in San Francisco. From their company, Out of the Box Toy Design, to breakdowns of Picasso’s private escapades to the Salvador Dali special–it involves eggs and a toast–Action Men with Silly Putty is filled with eccentricities at every turn and brimming with mystery!”

Review by Literary Titan

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“So, to sum up this wild and crazy mystery, I will say the antics of the characters are the endearing draw of this story, as the author pulls out every bell and whistle that will carry you from page to page, and then…the mystery is solved and you are still wanting to know what will these guys get into next!”

Review by Brice’s Mice Christian Book Reviews

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