Susan Joy Clark is a Christian puppeteer in the Northern New Jersey area.

Susan Joy Clark with Professor Votshisname

With a name like Professor Albrecht Berthold Caspar Dietrich Eberhard Franz George Votshisname, it’s just easiest to call him Professor Votshisname. The professor is a fount of knowledge and also likes to take abrupt naps.

Susan Joy Clark with Bird

Bird might not be the most interesting name for a, well, bird, but this Bird has an identity crisis and is always trying to figure out what variety of bird he is. He’s tried humming before, and he is definitely not a hummingbird.

Susan Joy Clark with Quackers

Even animals like puppets. Maddie, a friend’s dog, seemed to really like Quackers.

Susan Joy Clark with Shelby Wooly Lambert

Maddie liked Shelby also and even gave him a butt sniff, pretty rude from human standards but just the way two animals might greet one another. Shelby has a number of child fans too. He’s a longwool sheep who likes to be petted by kids. He also likes to chew just about anything, including hair and fingers.

Susan Joy Clark, Christian puppeteer in northern New Jersey, standing with lamb puppet, with dog nearby on couch.

If you are interested in having a Christian puppeteer in northern New Jersey, for your church, school or other event, email Susan at susanjoyclarkwriter@gmail.com.

If you are a puppeteer in puppet ministry or interested in starting a puppet ministry, Susan has downloadable puppet scripts for sale on this page.