King Chuck — #Tanka Tuesday, #Tanka, #Poetry, #Micropoetry

King Chuck — Yes, that’s his name.

King Chuck sits so still,

and, seemingly, free of verve.

He begins to stir

then stretch, race and crash sidelong

into me — with affection.

© 2021 Susan Joy Clark

This was written as part of the Tanka Tuesday challenge, hosted by Colleen M. Chesebro. For this challenge, we had to use synonyms of life and move in our poems.

In just a little end note, King Chuck is not my cat, but a cat I take care of from time to time. I have been the recipient of many of those funny, affectionate crashes. I also agree that his name is very comical.

12 thoughts on “King Chuck — #Tanka Tuesday, #Tanka, #Poetry, #Micropoetry

      1. I have a gray and white female named Chloe, and a dark tortoiseshell named Sophie. Chloe is the lover and Sophie is coming around. We love them both. <3

  1. I love the name King Chuck and it’s a very regal picture of him. A fitting Tanka for such a beautiful cat.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I love the name too, but I’m not responsible for it. 🙂

  2. Cats are definitely their own ‘people!’
    I grew up with some and then fostered a pair for a couple of weeks for a relative.
    My ‘pets’ now are the birds that visit the yard 😉

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