Cricket Doodle, #doodlewashMay2021

I saw that Doodlewash has daily doodle and watercolor prompts for May. Although it is late in the evening where I am in the world, it is still Wednesday, and Wednesday’s prompt was “crickets.” It seemed such a cute idea, and the example by Charlie O’Shields was very cute.

I’m not sure I can commit to posting a doodle a day, but I think it would be good to share one here and again. It’s good practice for me and it would be good to introduce you to some of my Creature Kingdom characters planned for future children’s books. So far, there is no cricket, but there are a lot of other critters like mice and bunnies, moles and otters and beavers.

Sharing a doodle is quicker than sharing a full illustration. I’m fairly happy with my little green guy. Perhaps, I could add a little shading later.

I did not use watercolor, but I used Tombow water based dual tip brush markers.

6 thoughts on “Cricket Doodle, #doodlewashMay2021

    1. Thanks Mark. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to vary my content and show different aspects of my interests, creative projects, etc. I’m glad you can appreciate it.

    1. Oh, thank you, Jo. I don’t know too much about the sport, but for some reason, when I was googling images for inspiration, I even found pictures of cartoon crickets playing cricket. πŸ™‚

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