Butterfly Friend, #Decima, #Haiku, #Ronovan Writes Challenge

Photo by Chris Keats on Unsplash

Butterfly lights upon my cheek,

It seems to make itself at home,

Freezing like a sculpture of Rome,

I welcome it; its friendship seek,

Though I am strong, and it is weak.

A mosquito’s friendship I’d reject,

A honeybee, I would protect,

Although in a more distant way,

My butterfly’s welcome to stay,

A better friendship, I suspect.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

wings flutter in air,

wisps of antennae tickle,

a butterfly’s kiss

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

This was written for Ronovan Writes decima challenge. The requirement was to put “cheek” in the A rhyme line. Ronovan suggested tying the decima in with the haiku challenge, using the words “air” and “wisp.”

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Friend, #Decima, #Haiku, #Ronovan Writes Challenge

    1. Thanks Mark. 🙂 I wasn’t sure what to do with “cheek” at first, and then the butterfly idea came to me. 🙂

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