Cabin in the Woods, #Paint Chip Poetry Rondelet

Photo by Olivier Guillard on Unsplash

Cabin in the Woods

Sweet cabin mine,

Hidden among the forest trees,

Sweet cabin mine,

Surrounded by divine design,

By day, I observe honeybees,

By night, a firefly’s light I see,

Sweet cabin mine.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

The challenge from Linda Kruschke of Another Fearless Year this week is to write a rondelet, using one (or more) of the pictured paint chip colors, and using “cabin in the woods” as a title.

According to The Poetry Dictionary by John Drury, a rondelet is …

RONDELET (ron-deh-lay’; French, “little rondel”) A form consisting of seven lines, with a refrain and only two rhymes. The rhyme and refrain scheme is AbAabbA (capital A = refrain). The refrain lines (A) each contain four syllables; the other lines (a and b) each contain eight syllables.

2 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods, #Paint Chip Poetry Rondelet

    1. Ah, thank you, Linda. It was a great prompt. I had a lot of cabin vacations in the Adirondacks and still like that kind of vacation. I’ve had cabin vacations in Maine and Tennessee as well.

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