Oh Deer! #CFFC Photo Challenge

I spotted this deer in someone’s yard that had grown a little wild and was nearby to a public park …

and this deer in my own front yard. It was even closer to the house at one point.

My buddy Sabrina deserves the credit for capturing this cutie on camera, at the James A, McFaul Environmental Center in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

I photographed these two beautiful fawns last year in a dog care client’s backyard.

They had no fear of me, so I was able to get some good shots. Mama was nowhere in sight.

I really hope this does not mean they were orphans. I enjoyed my moment to observe them up close.

This post is my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge with this week’s theme of Nature Animals.

14 thoughts on “Oh Deer! #CFFC Photo Challenge

  1. In my travels last week I did get to see some deer. To far to photograph in fields.
    I also saw emu. Turns out there is an emu farm that backs up to one of the major highways we were on!

    1. I tried to photograph one deer recently in a field of wild daisies. It was a beautiful scene, but I had too much zoom for the photo to turn out well. That’s cool that you saw some emu. 🙂

      1. In the blink of an eye. I had to wait until I got home to look up what the bird looked like and yes, that’s what they were. But for a farm… I only saw two!

      2. Maybe. I think emus are raised for meat. I can’t say I’ve tried it though.

    1. Yeah, me too. When I posted these photos to Facebook a year ago, several people asked me about the mother, but I didn’t see her. I hope like you do that they still had their mom.

    1. I know. 🙂 <3 They are cute. I don't always have such a photo op as I did that day. I was not far from them and they kept coming closer.

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