Fluffy Cuties in Black and White, #CBWC

I may be a step ahead (not sure) but this post is for Cee Neuner’s Black and White Photo Challenge with a Pets or Stuffed Animals theme.

None of these cuties pictured are my own pets, but in my animal care business, I come across dogs and cats in a variety of breeds (and breed mixes.) They may not be my pets, but I love them as if they were. Here are just a few of my animal friends.

Fluff, a Maine coon cat
Fluff’s Maine coon brother, Chance
Shultz, a Scottish fold cat
Franco — It’s less complicated to call him a cockapoo,
but he’s actually a mix of four small breeds.
Luce, a Brittany spaniel and dachshund mix
Ollie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel
Roxy, a soft coated wheaten terrier
Theo, a French bulldog
Maizie, a bernedoodle puppy
Maizie once more

People often ask me what my favorite breed is (of dogs especially.) With all of these lovable cuties, it is hard to choose. Of these photos, which is your favorite?

3 thoughts on “Fluffy Cuties in Black and White, #CBWC

  1. Susan, these are adorable. I couldn’t pick a favorite! Do you groom cats in your care business? Too much fun. Thanks for the mention, by the way. 🙂

    1. I do brush those Maine coons. They are pretty cats, but their fur can get so matted. I’m glad you enjoyed my photos. 🙂 I can’t pick a favorite either. I’m glad I get to bond with so many different nice animals.

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