Goldfinch, #Haiku

Photo by MICHAEL MURPHY on Unsplash

a bird’s serenade

from among the coneflowers,

trills out for his mate.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

This haiku was written for Ronovan Writes haiku challenge in which he asks us to use synonyms of song and chirp.

The bird in the photo is the American Goldfinch, which is, by the way, the state bird in New Jersey where I live. I remember learning that fact in grade school. Years later, I saw a lot of these colorful birds at my dad’s bird feeders which he filled with nigel seed, a favorite with finches. Dad no longer keeps up with the bird feeding, but I still spotted a goldfinch this season in the shrubbery.

Just for fun, here is the soundtrack of a goldfinch’s song.

6 thoughts on “Goldfinch, #Haiku

      1. Now, I’m looking up the European goldfinch and looking at pictures. I wasn’t too aware of it before, but I see what you mean, although that’s a cute bird too in its own way. 🙂

  1. I am always thrilled to see this birdie at my feeders. That bright yellow along with the red of the cardinals – the blue birds …. really an abundance of joy. 😀

    The Ruffled Grouse is PA’s state bird. Who picks these things? I did see a single wild turkey yesterday!

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