The Reluctant Adventurer

I would really like to travel,

And I would like to stay at home.

I would like to have adventures

But don’t want to do them alone.

I would like to go exploring,

But I don’t like getting lost.

I would risk a business venture,

But I am fearful of the cost.

I relate to Bilbo Baggins,

Reluctant adventurers we.

A little worried of troubles

That I can or can not foresee.

In spite of all these worries,

In fresh waters, I dip a toe,

While stretching my parameters

As far and wide as they will go.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

Just as I was ready to post, I noticed this quote and image in my WordPress Reader feed from Elena of Short Wisdom. It seemed so appropriate. Check out Elena’s site for other quotes.

This poem was written for the dVerse Poetics challenge, with the requirement that it had to include the word “risk.”