Cuteness Overload — Cuddling Animals

Are you ready to see some adorable animals cuddling with other animals, children or stuffed animals? In some cases, the animals getting cuddly with one another are not even of the same species.

These photos were all collected from my Pinterest animal board. (Individual attribution can be found there.)

An unexpected friendship.

Even squirrels enjoy a stuffed animal friend.

The Frenchies I care for cuddle one another but not usually in this position, facing each other.

I would have liked to have seen the scenes that preceded this shot.

“You are mine. I mark you with my face.”

An odd couple, for sure. I’d really like to know how this happened.

“So what about what the cartoons say about us being enemies?”

“Hi there, Neighbor. Long time no see.”

The meeting of two babies of different sorts.

The picture of serenity

Their sideways hug is so human-like.

Squirrel family love.

We are family.


Cuteness Overload — Babies and Dogs Reacting to Movies and Music

Sensitivity can be a really good thing. Reading and the arts help nurture our ability to empathize with others. Watch these babies and dogs be moved by music and movies.

Baby emotionally moved by Bocelli song to Elmo

What a beautiful baby. He lights up with joy as Elmo sings and seems moved almost to tears by Bocelli’s singing.

French bulldogs’ adorable reaction to saddest scene in “Inside Out.”

I’ve been following these Frenchies, Griffin and Haru, for a while. Is it just coincidence that they decide to cuddle at that moment? Some dogs don’t seem to notice TV. I’ve observed some of the dogs I care for reacting to the TV, especially when there are dogs or other animals on the screen. Just wait until the last video. It seems it is possible for dogs to follow some of the action and to empathize.

Baby reacts to “Moonlight Sonata.”

This little boy had an emotional reaction to hearing his older sister play “Moonlight Sonata” at her recital. I think there is an artist in this boy. One of the commenters on YouTube suggested he should take piano lessons himself when he is old enough. I think that perhaps he is right.

Adorable dog reacts in cutest way to “Lion King’s” saddest scene.

Before seeing this, I really didn’t know that it was possible for a dog to understand and follow what is going on in an abstract scene on TV. This dog really seems to have some understanding of what he is watching and is sympathizing so much with Simba. No wonder dogs are so sensitive to our emotions and seek to comfort us when we are sick or sad.

We all need sensitive souls and the ability to empathize. I hope this touches you and makes you smile.