Awkward Cuddles with Roxie, the English Springer Spaniel

I had the privilege to watch Roxie and some of her animal housemates, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Rory and two cats, over Labor Day weekend. Above is my perspective as she lay with her head on my chest, her doggy schnoz just under my chin.

So, this particular cuddle wasn’t awkward. In fact, it’s quite pleasant having a doggy head resting on your chest or even a doggy body comfortably laying across yours.

You can’t see it, but I am under those covers and under the doggy.

Roxie looks half asleep here, but here is anther cuddle moment. I am underneath that heap of covers.

However, we did have a few awkward moments like when she lay in the Sphinx position below completely on top of my body, with her pointy elbows poking into tender parts of me. Solution: Pull on her legs and adjust them so that we’re both comfortable.

It got even more awkward when she wanted to lay across my chest with her shoulder blade poking into my face. I somehow coaxed her out of this position.

Roxie is the most agile dog I’ve watched so far. She had the habit of walking a thin, tightrope line between me and the edge of the bed and seeing if she could lie down in the practically non-existing space. Although I have not mastered the “selfie with dog,” you can see here that it is a wonder she did not fall of the edge of the bed.

I think she must be part mountain goat … and part Tigger. One night, I could hear her on the floor by the opposite side of the bed from where I was. She must have been three or four feet away. I called her name and, a second later, she was not only on the bed but flopped up against me. My next thought was, “No wonder they call it a springer spaniel!”

Do you remember Tigger’s theme song? “Their tops are made out of rubber. Their bottoms are made out of springs.” A Tigger may be a completely different species, but I think Tigger’s theme song could be Roxie’s too.

But sweet Roxie has her merits, though she is sometimes, as her owner calls her, a “goon.” She is the only dog, so far, who has hugged me. She would stand on the bed, get up on her hind legs and place her front legs on my shoulders, wrap them around my back and put her face next to mine. That is pretty close to a human hug!

And, if her cuddles are sometimes awkward and a little uncomfortable, I can forgive her, because she is just trying to show me that she loves me and wants to be close to me.

Does your pet, dog or cat, cuddle with you awkwardly sometimes? Share your comments about their funny cuddle positions.