The Sandwich Theory Review — Smoked Turkey and Brie Panini

smoked turkey panini at The Sandwich Theory

The Sandwich Theory offers a variety of specialty sandwiches, paninis, wraps and salads in a charming atmosphere.

The Sandwich Theory, Montclair, NJ

I visited the Sandwich Theory on July 3rd and ordered the smoked turkey and brie panini …

with some Dirty Chips mesquite barbecue potato chips and a Diet Coke.

My sandwich was very tasty. It was built on thin slices of multigrain bread that was full of seeds. I really enjoyed the nutty seed taste and the toastiness of the bread.

The inside was filled with stacks of sliced smoked turkey, a layer of melty brie cheese, thin slices of Granny Smith apple and Dijon mustard. Everything tasted fresh, and it all worked together beautifully. The turkey was smoky and a little bit salty, and the brie was buttery and nutty. The apple added freshness and a bit of sweet-tart, and the mustard added a little zing.

I enjoyed the chips quite a lot too. For a long time, I didn’t favor barbecue-flavored chips, and lately, I’ve been in a mood for the barbecue flavor almost every time I have chips. This Dirty Chips mesquite barbecue seemed especially good, but I’d have to do a side by side comparison to determine why.

I don’t have nutritional information or a calorie count on the sandwich, but it seemed like a fairly healthy choice. (It would have been even more so without the side of chips.) The seedy multigrain bread was healthy and full of nutrition, and so was the apple. The turkey was lean. The brie, of course, had fat, but the mustard added flavor without adding any additional fat.

The place also had a pleasant atmosphere. If the weather was nice, I might have eaten at one of the outdoor tables, but there was a drizzle of rain.

Inside, there was various nature photography, much of it featuring birds, hanging on the walls.

Nature photos decorated the area around this tea and coffee station.

And some abstract art featuring an apple graced another wall.

Mellow folk and rock music played throughout the place which I found pleasant when I was consciously listening and non-distracting when I was reading from my Kindle.

I only visited once and tried one item from the menu, but I definitely think it would be worth visiting again.