Coloring Page Freebies

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I made these coloring pages somewhat recently, sharing them on Facebook a few months ago, but just recently added them to my site. These feature creature characters from my Creature Kingdom series — well, planned series. I have The Journey of Digory Mole, and there are two others in the works, another illustrated story, Hyacinth Mouse and the Twirly Whirly Carnival and a longer book involving Digory Mole, a new sidekick, Willy Lee Otter, and lots more animal friends they meet along the way, including a group called the Busy Beavers Guild.

The coloring pages are not really illustrations from Hyacinth Mouse but they do feature some new characters that will be introduced in this book. I chose a couple of virtues as themes. Feel free to share with your children, grandchildren or other young friends.

Juniper Bunny and Hyacinth Mouse
Harrison Hedgehog

You can find a few others on my Coloring Pages page.