Synchronized Swimmers, #Haibun, #Haiku

A trickling waterfall creates a soothing soundtrack as I walk along the edge of the koi pond. The pale koi and deep bronzed goldfish weave in and out of one another’s paths, darting undercover of the lily pads and then emerging again into the center where I can observe them. They are graceful, arcing and twisting their lithe bodies, like water ballerinas … synchronized swimmers. And once in a while, in the midst of their performance, they seem to be arranged in perfect symmetry.

the koi and goldfish

align themselves in the pond,

warm-toned symmetry

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

The Goldfish and the Robin

Paint Chip Quintilla or Two

This poem was inspired by Linda Kruschke’s Paint Chip Quintilla or Two Challenge. The idea was to use two of these color names in a poem in quintilla format.

A goldfish in his glass-bound pond,

Feels limitations of his space,

As he looks through window beyond,

He spies a nest among tree fronds,

A peaceful and unhampered place.

A robin’s egg of pastel blue,

Sits in that nest upon its perch,

A fish can’t fly – now that is true,

But it can wish for freedom too,

And a share in that robin’s mirth.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

This was an interesting exercise. I’m not sure I would have come up with this particular poem outside of the challenge. Once I selected my two color words, I began to think about the contrasts between the two animals and how they live.

Photo by Ahmed Hasan on Unsplash
Photo by Ian Baldwin on Unsplash