Review of Three Doggy Products — Bowl, Toy, Pet Stain Cleaner

Panting dog in the park? Aggressive chewer that destroys his toys in seconds? Smelly dog mess on the carpet? There’s a product for that.

I do not make any commission off the recommendations in this post, and the reviews are my honest opinion. Although, at the time of this writing, my sidebar announces that I’m an Amazon affiliate, that is not currently true. (I need to edit that.) These products were not purchased from Amazon. I bought the first two at Petco, and the third directly from the seller.

Good2Go Collapsible Silicone Dog Bowl

I have a doggy care business, offering several services such as boarding/day care or house sitting (alternately,) dog walking and pet drop-ins. I have not needed to purchase a lot of products for the business, as most owners provide me with everything I could need for their dogs. I did recently buy a few helpful products however.

When spring came, I wanted to take my boarding or day care doggies on longer walks in the parks but thought I should be able to provide water for them in the warmer weather. I purchased the collapsible bowl above.

It did work really well. One factor in my selection was the pretty blue-green color. It’s soft, lightweight and, of course, collapsible. You can carry it flat, clipped to your leash, and pop out the bowl at the time that you need it. It was certainly not as unwieldy or heavy as it would be to carry a more traditional kind of bowl. I carried it once clipped to the leash and, at another time, clipped to a drawstring backpack in which I carried a couple of bottles of water. Here, you can see one of my doggos took advantage of it during a “rest stop.”

There are similar products, so I’m not sure if this works better or worse than its competitors, but I did like the product.

Bark Super Chewer Love Heart Toy

I do keep a few toys at the house for visiting doggos. I had been keeping quite a few personal toys for a regular dog “client” that the owner had purchased, and when another dog visited, he was very interested in the novelty of the new toys I had at the home, including ones that belonged to that other dog. But I saw he was an aggressive chewer and had to hide them, so he wouldn’t destroy toys that the other dog’s owner had purchased for her dog.

Hating to disappoint him, when he came the next time, I bought this chew heart which said it was appropriate for aggressive chewers — in other words, not easily destroyed. It seemed the right size for a small dog also.

It’s an interesting toy. You can see it’s labeled as a fetch toy but is not a ball. It does bounce, and because of the facets on it, bounces in a funny, wobbly way. This doggy loved it, and the doggy in the first photo, also loved it. He liked to alternate playing fetch with this and one of his favorite balls. It also squeaks, and I’m happy to say that after a few days of play, it has quite a few visible teeth marks but is not destroyed, cracked, peeled, or otherwise, on its way to being destroyed.

I also liked the cute heart shape, of course; although I realize that the cute shape of a toy has more to do with human enjoyment than doggy enjoyment.

Furry Freshness Pet Stain Spray

So, I’ve had a few little pet accidents in the house: poo, pee, vomit, diarrhea … you name it, ugh. After a while, my brother, who owns three dogs and is on the cusp of starting a dog breeding business, recommended Furry Freshness spray to me.

Unlike with other carpet cleaners, you don’t need to scrub or blot with this cleaner. You only saturate the spot with spray and then let it evaporate. I’ve tried the product a couple of times and really like it. In a recent incident, though I didn’t witness it, I surmised that a little doggy scooted his dirty and itchy hindquarters on the area rug below, a rather special hooked rug that was purchased on a visit to New England.

I was able to use a wet rag to remove some of the dried poo from the rug. After that, I just soaked up the area with the spray and left it. This is the corner of the rug that was affected, and you can see there’s no stain. I have no “before” picture, as I was not anticipating or planning this post at the time.

Info on the product says it is not recommended for wool rugs, but I did use it on this rug which is likely wool, with no bad consequences. It looks as good as new. Still, I thought I would share the company’s recommendation. I’m really glad my brother let me know about this cleaner. You can purchase Furry Freshness cleaner here.