3 Sets of Identical Twin Musicians on YouTube


Photo from https://harptwins.com

Double your pleasure and double your fun with these sets of identical twin musicians.

Derek & Brandon Fiechter

Derek and Brandon Fiechter may not be as visible on their YouTube channel as the other two pairs named later in this article, only because they do not film themselves. Their videos feature instrumentals of their own composition and still artwork … often fantasy artwork.

The brothers describe themselves as fantasy and world composers. The twins both started composing around the age of fifteen.

They are very prolific and have many instrumental pieces on fantasy themes such as elves, fairies, mermaids, pirates, space, steampunk or on world music themes like Arabian, Caribbean, Japanese, Chinese, Egyptian and more. The music takes you away to a different world.

Their music would be great as soundtrack music for videos and movies, video games, podcasts or to be used in live dramas. Under their “About” section, they say that their music can be used in non-commercial videos (whether monetized or not) as long as they are credited.

Many of their fans comment that they enjoy listening to their videos while studying or writing. Their pieces are often relaxing and help to create a soothing atmosphere.

Here is some beautiful Celtic mermaid music from Derek Fiechter.

Some of their pieces have dark and spooky themes, such as this Creepy Doll music. Personally, I find it more relaxing than creepy.

You can find their music at BandcampGoogle Play , iTunes and Spotify.

The Harp Twins (Camille and Kennerly Kitt)

The Harp Twins have a lot of fun as identical twins. Like the Fiechter brothers, some of their music also has fantasy themes. They often play popular movie and game theme music and dress in identical appropriate costumes in their videos. Their music covers many genres such as rock and pop, even heavy metal music, arranged by themselves for harp. These talented girls create all of their own harp arrangements and produce and create the concepts for their outstanding videos.

In case musical and video production talent was not quite enough, the girls are both third degree Black Belts in tae kwon do, are “distinguished experts” in rifle marksmanship and have had training in horseback riding. They are also members of the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA, dabbling in theater and film acting. This ability comes across in their video performances.

Their golden dresses and armbands look appropriate for ancient Rome as they play “Now We Are Free,” a theme from the Gladiators movie.

I love the beauty and color in this ’80s meets Victorian period video, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” The video features the 1890 Eden Palais Salon Carousel at the Sanfilippo Estate.

The girls have several albums including Harp Attack, Harp Attack 2, Harp Fantasy and Harp Fantasy 2. You can buy their music here.

The Mona Lisa Twins (Mona and Lisa Wagner)

These 24-year-old twins play and sing many tributes to artists of the ’60s such as the Beatles, Everly Brothers, Mamas and Papas, Peter and Gordon and other harmonic groups of that decade. They are also creating and recording original songs that are reminiscent of the styles from this period.

The girls are from Austria where the music tradition is classical and folk, but the twins themselves were highly influenced by British and American music of the 60s. Their father is a songwriter and musician with experience running a recording studio. He and their stepmother helped build up their music business.

My first video discovery was this version of “Bus Stop” by the Hollies. It’s a sweet and innocent love song about romance that develops at a shared umbrella at a bus stop. I enjoy their voices and harmonies, and I also just love their humorous and literal enactment of some of the lyrics.

Here is one of their original songs, “I Don’t Know Birds That Well.” This repeated line is followed by, “But they always seem to sing about love.”

On their album Orange, they collaborate with John Sebastian from The Lovin’ Spoonful. You can now pre-order Volumes 2 & 3 of Mona Lisa Twins Sing Beatles & More. You can find their music here. 

Enjoy these musical discoveries from creative partnerships of identical twins.