Creative Collage Art

I was perusing my “Art I Like” board on Pinterest and curated this art collection on a similar theme — collage. Collage artists here use pencil shavings, old newspapers and magazines, old sheet music, recycled Metrocards or assorted recycled junk to create pleasing creations and even recognizable famous faces or artwork. Only one piece in this collection is not technically a collage, but a sculpture, but since it is made with old sheet music, as some of the other pieces, it seems to fit. I only republished pieces where I could trace the artist and credit him or her.

pencil shaving art by Kristina Webb
Collage of Audrey Hepburn (made with old newspaper and magazine clippings) by Ines Koudis
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, made with recycled junk, by Jane Perkins
Sculpture made from old music books, by BeckyJArts on Etsy
Beethoven collage, made with notes cut with Xacto knife from sheet music, by Erika Iris Simmons
Van Gogh’s sunflowers recreated with wood wrapped in newspaper, by Lee Kyu-Hak
Collage of Itzhak Perlman, made with recycled Metro cards, by Nina Boesch
‘pictures of magazines 2’ by vik muniz ‘a bar at folies bergères’, after edouard manet