Flower Dance Under the Moon

Photo by Joseph Bradshaw on Unsplash

The moon shines full through a purple-gray veil of cloud. She peers through, partially hiding her face, but the cloud can not completely conceal her glow and beauty. The wind stirs the garden under the moonlight, rustling the trees and shrubs and carrying the scent of May flowers. Branches of the weeping cherry tree sway, dancing with the rhythm of the wind. The peonies’ heavy blossoms, bursting with frills like dancers’ tutus, join in the wind dance. Birds twitter their lullabies and evening songs.

And in the distance,

Dogs join the bird song with howls.

Howling at the moon?

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

This haibun and haiku was written for dVerse’s “Flower Moon” haibun challenge. It is a mostly true account, a kind of composite of experiences. I did walk outside in the garden for inspiration. It seemed like a very poetic thing to do to go outside and stare at the moon.