A Little Poe for October

Photo from Freestocks on Unsplash

Since it is October, I thought I would read a spooky Poe story for my YouTube channel. I chose, “The Tell-Tale Heart,” one of the stories most commonly assigned for school reading. I thought, at first, I would choose a lesser known story of Poe’s, but looking through some lesser known options, I understood why didn’t achieve the same popularity.

I have always liked being dramatic — I was in drama competitions in high school — but this is, perhaps, the creepiest sort of role I have ever taken on. The narrator of the story is a fairly disturbed murderer.

I am getting ready to launch an English tutoring business, and one niche specialty I’d like to focus on is SAT prep. I hope to follow this video up with some teaching videos focused on the story, some other teaching content, and I would also like to add some more dramatic readings of stories and poetry.

I think anyone, student or not, can enjoy the dramatic readings. When the pandemic began, I noticed all sorts of celebrities reading for children on YouTube, but I don’t think children are the only ones who can appreciate a good story read aloud.

It’s not flawless. There are a couple of trip ups, which I didn’t edit out. I’m still fairly pleased with it.

What should I read next?