A Collection of Beauty and Inspiration

A charming painted house in Denmark by Audrey Smit

Check out this gorgeous photo from the New York Botanical Orchid Show 2010 by Jessica Jenney. There are so many beautiful blooms arranged prettily around what looks like an architectural folly. You can buy the print on a pillow, tote bag, phone case and more at fineartamerica.com.

Interested in fashion history? Here is an interesting decade-spanning collection of women’s dresses, from the Edwardian era to the late ’60s, on display at the Hillwood Mansion in Washington D.C.

An adorable vintage-style kitchen found on Pinterest. I love all the colors. It’s colorful without being gaudy. Now, the trends are stainless steel, white walls and neutral colors.

Read about how a San Francisco man helped to repopulate his area with the California pipevine swallowtail butterfly.

Some adorable miniature sculptures of animals: mice, birds, frogs and more from artist, Fanni Sandor.

Take a look at these quirky buildings in Paris.

Monet’s Garden, photo from NPR

Read about Eugene Boudin, a man who inspired Monet.

Photo from https://blog.wellappointedhouse.com

View some gardens with a variety of full blooming hydrangeas in a palette of pretty pastels.

Read about Edward James, an English surrealist artist, and view photos of his dreamy, unusual structures in the middle of the jungle in Mexico. You could call them buildings, but they have no walls and have staircases leading to nowhere.

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