Wordless Wednesday — Garden Photos

So, maybe this isn’t a completely wordless post, just almost wordless. Dad planted several varieties of flowers in what he calls the “fence garden,” and they’ve really flourished. They are all deer resistant. We have marigolds, ageratum and celosia. There are a few more varieties, and we have forgotten the names of them, so if you recognize some unnamed flower varieties in these photos, please name them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Garden Photos

  1. I never knew that those funky flowers were called Celosia! I learned something today, LOL. I get such a kick out of those flowers, because to me they aren’t cute, but rather rebellious looking, with their spiky-ness and bright, loud colors.

    1. I love your thoughts and imagination about the celosia. I never thought about them being rebellious looking until now, but I can see how that fits. 🙂 Maybe, I should challenge you to give some personalities to flowers and write a story about them. 🙂

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