A Map of Stars #Tanka Tuesday, #Tanka, #Ekphrastic Poem

Image Credit: Kerfe Roig

paddling my canoe

under the light of the full moon,

while guided by stars

and wisdom of forefathers,

while kingfishers fly above.

© Susan Joy Clark 2021

This was written for Colleen M. Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday challenge. We were challenged to write a syllabic poem inspired by the artistic photo shown. I was inspired both by the photo and this bit of information I found on http://www.ancient-wisdom.com, “The ancient Polynesians navigated their canoes by the stars and other signs that came from the ocean and sky. Navigation was a precise science, a learned art that was passed on verbally from one navigator to another for countless generations.” I decided then to make reference to a Polynesian bird.

16 thoughts on “A Map of Stars #Tanka Tuesday, #Tanka, #Ekphrastic Poem

      1. I should have left off the capitals. I just removed them. 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂 The image was provided with this challenge, but it’s an artsy photo from one of the poet participants.

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