Father’s Day Humor — Dad Jokes, Comics and Funny Dads of YouTube

Here’s a collection of humor for the dads or for those celebrating the dads in their life.

YouTuber Penn Holderness of the Holderness Family does some fun song parodies, a few relating to fatherhood. A few Father’s Days ago, he released a parody of Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad,” now turned to “I’m Your Dad.” Well, this year, he chose the same music but with a slightly different twist. Apparently, he is turning into his own dad … just like in the Progressive insurance commercials. Enjoy some fun music, humor and silly dance moves.

Then, I went into the Holderness Family archives and found this parody of Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” — “I’m Your Daddy,” celebrating all the fun and funny things he does as the dad of the family.

Dad Jokes

(curated from around the Internet)

Does your dad tell you “dad jokes?” Mine does. Sometimes, it gets a giggle, and sometimes, it gets a groan. Maybe, you’re the dad passing on the dad joke tradition to the next generation. Here is a collection to add to your arsenal.

My wife asked me to sync her phone, so I threw it into the ocean. I don’t know why she’s mad at me.

Why do cows wear bells? Because their horns don’t work.

What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

A cheese factory exploded in France. Da brie is everywhere!

A steak pun is a rare medium done well.

Not sure if you have noticed, but I love bad puns. That’s just how eye roll.

This morning, Siri said, “Don’t call me Shirley.” I accidentally left my phone in Airplane mode.

To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my Word.

Cop: “I’m arresting you for downloading the entire Wikipedia.” Man: “Wait! I can explain everything!”

“For Father’s Day, I’m giving my dad an hour of free tech support.”

Have you heard about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.

I’m addicted to collecting vintage Beatles albums. I need Help.

I’m reading a horror story in braille. Something bad is going to happen, I can just feel it.

What’s the best thing about living in Switzerland? I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

I always knock on the fridge door before opening it, just in case there’s a salad dressing.

What is the difference between a literalist and a kleptomaniac?
A comma. A literalist takes everything literally. A kleptomaniac takes everything, literally.

More Youtube Dads

This New Zealander dad shares a lot of humor about fatherhood on his Youtube channel, “How To Dad.” In this one, he shares how to go grocery shopping with a baby.

Have you noticed that dads just do things differently from moms? I remember when my niece was a baby, and my brother was “flying” her like Superbaby balanced on the palm of his hand. His Shetland sheepdog, Honey, barked at him to warn him to be careful with that baby. Here’s a video montage of dads doing things a little differently.